Here at Jeff Lecoeuche Insurance Agency we understand the value of having insurance for yourself, your family, and for your business. There are insurance policies that most people, if not everyone, need. And there are specialty policies for specific scenarios. We are willing and able to walk you through your decision making process for insurance coverage. What you’ll receive from us is solid advice backed by many years of experience, care, attention to detail, and the best in customer service. I can even help you maximize your coverage and minimize your spending. Give me a call at 707-526-5222 and I’ll help you get started. Remember, we’re here to make it easier for you!

Video Transcript

Do you understand how to properly manage risk
in your business? Would you be protected if
it all went wrong tomorrow?

If not, perhaps it’s time to call Jeff Lecoeuche,
certified Farmer’s Insurance agent and owner
of the Jeff Lecoeuche Insurance Agency.

Jeff truly cares about small business owners
and their families. His passion for serving
the community of Santa Rosa has ranked him
in the top 10% of Farmers agents nationwide.

Jeff and his team want to insure that your
business and family receive the same protection
afforded to large corporations.

Additionally, they are knowledgeable on Obamacare
and Health Insurance Exchange in California.

Whatever your insurance needs, the Jeff Lecoueche
Insurance Agency has your back.
Call them for a free business or home insurance
quote, at 707-526-5222 .