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Jeff Lecoeuche Insurance Agency specializes in insurance coverage for businesses of every type. When running a business, you need to know what can (and will) go wrong, so that you will be prepared in the worst case scenario. Disaster may not only be a physical disaster like a flood, earthquake, or break-in. While those do happen, disasters may even be a lawsuit or something that interrupts your business and costs you money. Our job as insurance agents is to extensively assess the nature of your business and determine what coverage would be beneficial. This is done in such a way to minimize spending for insurance so that you get the most for what you are spending. We also point out key areas that businesses usually neglect when insuring their company.

Cyber Liability & Data Breach Coverage

For example, cyber security poses a great issue. Not many companies think about their electronic infrastructure. Data breaches (also known as “hacking”) is a serious threat especially for businesses that do a lot of work digitally. Perhaps you’ve heard what happened to Target in December of 2013 – this is perhaps the greatest lesson to teach businesses the importance of cyber security and insurance! The Cyber liability and data breach policy, which we are well-trained to offer, covers attorney fees, credit monitoring, call center, forensic expenses, clean-up costs, and so on.

Builders Risk Coverage

Whether you are flipping houses, building sub-divisions, or doing a remodeling overhaul prior to opening your business, you need Builders risk insurance to cover the building(s) while under construction. It also covers contractor’s materials on the job site during installation, and even building materials in transit to the job site. It also protects the value of the property, so that if something happens during remodeling or construction, you are ensured coverage. This type of coverage also applies for smaller projects, like home remodeling, adding a new room, a patio/deck, or bathroom.

Commercial Technology Insurance

As we continue building our technological infrastructure for business, more and more assets become dependent on those electronics running properly. Whether it he hardware or software. Technology can also be fragile. It doesn’t take much for a server to fizzle out, or a hard-drive to corrupt, or a firewall to be configured improperly (thus creating security vulnerabilities). Technology insurance covers many facets of this electronic commercial framework. It gives you the peace of mind that you are insured from a rapidly-growing subset of insurance claims being made due to technology ceasing to work. For any growing business, this is certainly an insurance coverage to keep your eye on.

Other Business & Commercial Coverage

While there are too many to list and describe on one page, you can read more on our commercial insurance page for more information. The most important information about coverage is that which applies directly to you and your business. Come into our office to talk to an experienced insurance agent who can guide you through the process and answer absolutely any questions you have. We understand that the learning curve is steep, which is why we have decades of experience to help you! There are no silly questions – everything matters, and we care.

Jeff Lecoeuche Insurance Agency


We have teamed up with two very powerful providers of insurance – Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente – to ensure your health and well-being. Having a good health care plan is absolutely priceless. However, many individuals go without health coverage because they assume it’ll empty their pockets. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It doesn’t have to eat away your savings or drain your paycheck. These are hazardous myths because they discourage people from even researching or looking into health care! We are here to empower you to do good for yourself, and your family, by considering a health insurance policy.

In America, about two of every 10 people are uninsured. This causes grief when medical emergencies happen. Those hefty medical bills have the ability to really set someone’s life back. Did you know that the cost of a short ambulance ride can reach up to tens of thousands of dollars? If you are uninsured, do you have that money ready and available if that happened? That’s not even including the stay in an ER room, the pharmaceuticals prescribed, and the care by trained doctors and nurses. The cost only skyrockets from there.

That is why, at Jeff Lecoeuche Insurance Agency, we greatly stress the importance of having a health care plan. We understand if you are nervous or stressed. It’s normal. But let us answer your questions, we’re sure you have a lot of them. We’ll take the time and go through the various coverage available. You’ll be empowered to make a well-educated decision regarding health care coverage. It’ll benefit not only you but the ones you love, knowing that you are protected.
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Commercial Auto Insurance – Necessary for Mobile Businesses

As a home owner, it is likely that your home is your most valuable asset. Chances are you are still making payments on it, too. So if something were to happen to your home, you’ll be left with the costs of repair while still continuing to make payments. This is a great financial burden for tens of thousands of people each year whose homes suffer flood damage, earthquake damage, tornado damage, break-ins & theft, vandalism, and other unforeseen disasters. We are here to educate you how to ensure that your home is protected no matter what may happen. Our home insurance agents here in Santa Rosa are well-trained to determine which coverage will provide the most benefit while minimizing cost of insurance. Insurance shouldn’t be a hassle on the wallet – we know your home already is! This supplementary protection gives you confidence and comfort knowing that no matter what happens, you’re covered.


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