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Many people don’t purchase renters insurance. They don’t realize that their property won’t be covered if it’s lost or stolen. You shouldn’t take 

that risk. Contact us to purchase a renters insurance policy today.

Renters Insurance Is Necessary

Many people believe that their landlord will cover any damages they may face. Many of them have tried to sue their landlord when they wouldn’t cover these costs. Unfortunately, most of these lawsuits aren’t successful.

You should never rent an apartment or house without insurance. Purchasing the right policy will help you ensure you’re covered if any problems arise.

Types of Coverage

There are many different types of renters insurance. You will need to make sure you choose the type of coverage that you need.

Personal Coverage

You want to purchase a policy that protects all your property. We can help you find a policy that covers the cost of replacing it if it’s lost or stolen.

Liability Insurance

Many people don’t realize they could be liable for any injuries that arise on their property. Liability will also help cover the cost of any lawsuits that may arise. Liability coverage will also cover your liability in anywhere in the country for any damage they might cause accidentally. Liability will also cover any damages caused to the landlord’s property caused by your negligence.

Medical Coverage

You may not be legally liable for the injuries of your guests. However, you may still want to help cover their medical bills. Medical coverage will pay medical costs if anyone is hurt on your property even if you’re not at fault.

Factors to Consider

You should make sure you purchase a policy that suits your needs. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a policy.

Your Property

You need to make sure all your important belongings are covered. You should list everything you own each year. Take pictures and keep a copy at your house and another location for safety.

Replacement Options

There are a couple of ways you can be paid if anything happens to your property. You can purchase a cash value policy that assumes your property depreciates over time. You can also buy a replacement value policy that will cover your property at the value of buying new equivalent items.

Extended Coverage

Most renters policies have sublimits for jewelry, art, guns, music instruments and other valuables. Make sure to ask your agent how you can get additional coverage.

Contact Us

We want to make sure you purchase the coverage you need. Contact us if you’re considering purchasing a renters insurance policy in Santa Rosa.