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Everybody should make sure they buy an excellent health insurance plan. Owning health insurance
will be particularly important when the new health care law is implemented next year. Lecoeuche provides a number of health insurance plans for customers throughout Santa Rosa.

What to Look for When Buying Health Insurance

There are many variables that you need to consider when buying health insurance. Here are a few of the features you should look at.

Consider Premiums

You will need to make sure that you can afford the premiums your provider charges. You should even consider premiums if your employer is paying your insurance for you. You can continue receiving health insurance through COBRA after you are laid off. However, a change in the law in 2009 requires laid off employees to pay their own coverage. You may want to consider purchasing insurance with lower premiums if you’re afraid of being laid off.

Think About the Rest of the Family

You will need to know how rates will be affected if you add your spouse or children onto your plan. You should find a plan that allows you to cover everyone.

Prescription Drugs

Health insurance plans offer different types of coverage for medications. You will need to know what drugs are included before purchasing coverage. They will be listed on the plan’s listing of medications. You should also review this listing every time you renew your plan, because insurers add and drop new medications every year.

Network of Doctors

You need to know what doctors your insurance allows you to see. Some allow you to see any physician that you want. Others require you to work with those in a certain network. You also need to know if you’re allowed to see specialists.

Deductibles and Copays

Make sure that you know what deductibles and copays you are required to pay. Some deductibles are going to be more expensive than others.

Consider Additional Services

Your health insurance plan may cover a few additional services that you may want to consider. You may be able to receive free routine care to prevent future medical problems. You should find out what services are available before choosing a plan.

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We provide a number of great insurance plans for families in Santa Rosa. Please don’t hesitate to call us to learn more about our health insurance plans.